Spring Clean

House of Fraser and Marks and Spencer’s have had a spring clean and launched new site designs.

Two established retailers, Hof seen as younger more on trend perhaps, M&S seen as with of an established customer base that’s older, both not places I usually shop online at.

Explored these on desktop, tablet and mobile. Three things stand out from both, Image, White and Minimalist is king.

Product pages – here’s the M&S one, and the Hof one.

They have strong points in terms of the images being sharp and clear, both are clearly gearing themselves towards the mobile/tablet customer, with the image heavy flat designs.

Both are image led on their front pages. Hof with static single image then more blocks of images further down. While M&S have a carousel that fills the screen on the desktop, mobile or tablet. Then more image blocks further down. Although a lot more slick looking, M&S was a lot harder to navigate on a tablet and mobile for me and it seemed you ha a lot more clicks to get to pages. Whereas Hof have their own mobile site, that sits well with their desktop navigation design too.


Varied typography is consistent on these two sites, something that’s becoming increasingly used on many ecom sites. Here’s an example on Hof’s Jo Malone brand page. Still unsure about this but it definitely draws the eye.

Spring Clean?

Keen to see what else develops on these two site in the coming year, both clearly moving towards a more responsive design but not entirely yet..

I shall be keeping an eye out for more redesigned sites. I’ll also be exploring how well or not so well they actually work for shopping on! Follow me @lauramalteser