Shiny new places..

Art and cultural gems that I have come across in London.

Hurry along and pass onto your friends!

Image is taken from the Neiman Marcus pop up book, click the image for info ūüôā

Whisper Fine Art A new show Pakpoom Silapham opened at the gallery  this month and is on until 29th October, so follow their goings on here @whisperfinart

Beach London  A cafe/shop/gallery space all rolled into one in Shoreditch! If you like burgers see the works from their Burgermat Show &  follow them here @BeachLondon

OutLine Editions¬†This shop come gallery focuses on the graphic art scene so all you Banksy fans can get your kick. Go and see¬†what’s¬†on display and then buy it as¬†a print or get it on a t-shirt!

Libby Sellers¬†¬†It opened as part of the London Design Festival¬†but has been on the scene for a while in temporary spaces. However it now has its own home nestled in Fitzrovia. Its current exhibition ‘Grandmateria’ is on now until 7 December

Extra Bones A new space in Deptford that is a side project to the guys at Utrophia Project Space, it shall be hosting some music events throughout October as well as free drop-in portraiture workshops!

My favourite place to discover new pop up places is  follow their updates here @PopupsLondon

Postcode Art

No stuffy art galleries in site. I promise.

Over the past couple of months I have been following a new gallery project Open Doors London which is set to literally pop up all over London and most importantly it will be by the people of the capital. Think you know your own postcode, then Open Doors London may open it up to a whole new cultural melting pot on your doorstep.

Open Doors London network aims to¬†launch¬†exhibitions¬†and activities using the¬†cultural¬†hustle and bustle of London’s boroughs as inspiration. They’re heading back to more traditional values of art, by exploring it in this¬†postcode¬†format which will be an expression of people, events and ideas that have maybe not been voiced before.

Behind the helm at Open Doors London are some lovely enthusiastic people, Tom and Katy¬†who despite their day jobs are launching the first show ‘Exhibition W12’ on 24th September¬†at a couple of locations,¬†Galloway Road¬†and Hemlock Road. Take a sneaky peek and click¬†me¬†to see some images of W12 by Tom.

Pop along to W12!

Their mission is to ¬†‘encourage our artists to help us document the lives of the people living in a chosen borough. This could mean using any medium they wish, from film and photography through to the more traditional sculpture and painting‘.

Explore their site to see more artists work and also see they’re ever growing digital scrapbook of past and present images and memories of London. It’s a site that they’re adding to each week as this unique and refreshing project grows!

They’re always on the lookout for locations and¬†artists from London Boroughs so¬†get in touch with them below and see if they’ll be planning to come to a postcode near you! and follow their progress and twitterings @OpenDoorsLondon